About Wayne Facer:

Over the last 10 years Wayne has made/created $20m+ for schools throughout NZ in banked staffing. His informative monthly newsletter is circulated around hundreds of schools nationwide and gives timely tips on what to do with banked staffing and school financial management. Wayne Facer

Wayne has also run many seminars and workshops on this subject and has assisted hundreds of schools throughout NZ in banked staffing, budgeting, depreciation and school financial management.

Wayne has now taken the leap of faith and will be resigning his principal’s position at the end of  2014 so as to concentrate on supporting schools in banked staffing and financial management full time in a consultancy role.

Wayne can assist you in this area in a number of ways:

Contact me: 027 354 6077 wayne@educationenterprises.co.nz

“…incredible support to me…”

Wayne Facer has been an incredible support to me, especially in my role as a First Time Principal. I came into this job like a deer in the headlights and Wayne has been amazing. He saved us $10,000 in one hour and took his time, which I know is extremely precious, to work through banked staffing with me. He checks in weekly to ensure I’m on the right track and his knowledge is phenomenal. I look forward to my continual work with Wayne.

Anne Pratt, Principal
St. Patrick’s School