20 tips

  1. Don’t put a beginning teacher (BT) to Bulk Grant (BG) as you lose their .2 or .1 BT MOE funded time
  2. Make sure your teacher going on maternity leave is not on BG when the maternity grant comes out otherwise you pay the $8K not the MOE
  3. The July 1 roll return DOES NOT increase this year’s staffing entitlement
  4. Use the MOE staffing calculator to predict whether you are entitled to more staffing https://www.fundingcalc.minedu.govt.nz/Staffing/
  5. You have to apply for additional staffing on the following form: https://www.education.govt.nz/school/funding-and-financials/resourcing/staffing-for-roll-growth/
  6. You can apply for additional funding after July 1 roll return on the extraordinary roll growth form https://www.education.govt.nz/school/funding-and-financials/resourcing/extraordinary-roll-growth-funding/
  7. The rule of thumb is every 3 additional pupils for a school with a roll of 170+ is worth an additional .1
  8. Check that caretakers/cleaners have had their holidays logged so as they don’t get an unexpected pay out when they retire, at your cost
  9. Leave without pay days basically cost the school $150 per day
  10. You can make a teacher fixed term for 3 weeks rather than relievers days
  11. Sick days and LWOP will only include weekends after the first 5 days
  12. It is more cost effective staffing wise to make a regular reliever fixed term rather than pay them one day a week.
  13. You only have one terms grace to retrospectively claim sick leave after teh first 8 days
  14. You can claim subsequent sick days after the staff member has returned to work for the same illness without having to wait the first 8 days again
  15. Make sure you apply for BT time. 20% of NZ schools don’t
  16. Make sure you use all of your allocated units. 20% of schools don’t
  17. If employing a covering principal the BOT has to pay the higher duties allowance (unless it’s sabbatical or study leave)
  18. The MOE does not refund for any BOT approved discretionary leave with pay when a staff member has run out of sick leave
  19. A teacher/principal can go to -10 in sick days, anticipating next year’s allocation
  20. You can pay part timers and/or relievers in the holidays/weekends for call back days, TOD days, PD etc. but will have a fill in an exception report from the auditors which you will put as PD